Украинские киборги – компании Apple


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Слова могут вдохновлять и слова могут разрушать.

Сегодня, в мире дезинформации, слова могут быть преднамеренно использованы, чтобы ввести в заблуждение.

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12 сентября компания Apple опубликовала рекламный ролик Apple Watch (, в котором фигурирует некий “русский киборг”.

Мы решили обратиться к компании.

Dear Apple,

I am a Ukrainian Cyborg.

I know you will watch this. But I am not sure you know why your commercial insults me and my country. I hope that after you hear my story, you will understand the error of your ways.

In 2014 Russian Armed Forces and their proxies attacked Ukraine. I went to defend it.

They called me a Cyborg, because I survived so long, they couldn’t believe it.
I fought every day and night, because there was a whole country behind my back.
I couldn’t use an Apple watch to send an SOS, because I was the one doing the saving.
I didn’t count circles, because the world itself seemed to circle around.
I wasn’t tracking sleeping hours, as I don’t even remember if I actually slept there.

242 days we defended the Donetsk Airport, until its walls fell.

Since the invasion, over 10 000 of MY people have been killed as a result of Russian aggression.

Today, I am alive. I’m training. I will be defending our freedom for the rest of my life.

While my country has its land illegally occupied and annexed by the Russian Federation, its people killed, tortured and kidnapped, your company has wittingly or unwittingly colluded with the Russian Federation in its propaganda war against us. It has done so by presenting a “Russian” Cyborg”.

By the way, that railroad station in your video is still working, because I defended it.

We call for an immediate correction of the commercial. We also call for a written apology to the Cyborgs, both living and dead, who fought on the frontlines for our common democracy.

Awaiting for your response.

Украинские киборги – компании Apple

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